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Aug 31st, 2012


Bio... Well, not much to say, really. I'm a gamer, I play to win, I've been into LoL for in total about a year now. On and off. I first made an account, played it and lost it. Enjoyed the game, my brother, I think, found the game and we and some friends started playing it. I got stuck in and hit 30 this time, my previous account was about 10. We play together on occasionally. I hope to do ranked Duo's, 3's and 5's with them once they're all level 30. I think of myself as a good player. I have been a gamer since I was about 10-11, now 15, and consider games my passion. I hate losing or being considered worse than I am. That is why I hate ELO hell. I have been there since a losing spree and aint getting out any time soon. My max is 1.3k my first few matches got me there and then I slowly dropped down, and am continuing to do so thanks to feeders, afkers, ect. Not much else to say really. Think I'm gonna go play some LoL now. ^.^

- Update

I have been permabanned on my main for quite some time now... My alt is CalebGregory2 and well, I'm slowly working my way back. not 30 yet but on the way. AP midding ftw.