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Well at first, I was a total noob. It was my first time playing an MOBA game before. My friends were laughing at me and kept calling me a noob. The first champion I bought was ashe because 1st of all she's strong 2nd of all she's ****ing hot. Anyways I kept playing and playing until I bought Master Yi because my friends said that it was a strong madafakka. And they were right, but I never knew how to build items before so, my build was 3 daggers and 2 warmogs. Can you believe that ****?. So then I just followed the recommended build and it turned out a little bit ok. But then 1 ****ing day when I was playing LoL, I saw a Bad-*** looking champion and that is...your moms vagina..I mean Pantheon. So we were playing lalalala and then my teammates fed Pantheon so in the end game, Pantheon used W then E to finish me off quickly(I'm Using Ashe That Time). So yay were GG and then worked hard saving IP to buy that piece of **** and show that ******* that I'm better than him. Then there's the day I've been waiting for, I reached 3400 IP and went to purchase Pantheon right after. Then my friends invited me to a normal game just for our last game and guess who I used? thats right! its Soraka. No Actually it's Pantheon hehehe so at first I thought that " Oh **** Man! I'm gonna regret buying this ****!". And then there the game started and I'm all alone at the top while facing Jax and Wukong at the same time. They don't even have a jungler wtf. So I thought again that I'm gonna die here, But then I kept harrassing and harrassing with my Q and got a kill on wukong! but I'm low on hp so I went back but the jax keep chasing me so I stunned him while his getting hit by the turret and BOOM! DOUBLE KILL *****ESSSS!. So as before I followed the recommended build and it went out ok. And at the late game there was a clash on top. All my other teammates are being attacked, so i went in using my Ult and accidentally killed Brand "Legendary" I was shaking that time and then our Nunu used his ult too but I attacked all other 3 enemies because my build was kind of an attack speed pantheon, so while my friend was using his ult I attack those sons of *****es with my combo move! W,E,Q,W,E,Q,W!,E!,Q! and some basic attacks and then... "QuadraKill". I was like "HOLY ****! I ****ING LOVE PANTHEON <3" and ever since then my love for Pantheon is never gone. And now, I'm a better player than my friends who laughed at me. I showed them a Monster...I showed them who I am.