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Hey everyone. My name is Matthew. I'm 19 years a old canadian, can speak both english and french and currently studying to become a video game programmer.

I'm a video game maniac, especially RPG. I also love reading manga. I'm currently reading Bleach, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Death Note and recently got into FMA and One Piece.

I'm also a nice guy, extremely patient and always willing to help but happen to be someone extremely sarcastic and cynical when my patience has run out.

I'm still trying out each champions but those are the one your most likely to see me play:

Garen, Darius, Pantheon
Kayle, Nocturne
Veigar, Mordekaiser, Viktor
Miss Fortune
Sona, Leona, Thresh

So, if your ever interested in playing with me, just send me a message ING and I'll add you.
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