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ChknBall (Unverified)
Miss Fortune, Janna, Shyvana
Ranged DPS, Support, Melee DPS


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Freelance computer tech and graphic designer.

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I'm a casual gamer, but LoL has eaten up a lot of my free time already that I don't know if I can call it a casual game for me anymore...


I'm trying to play as many different champs so that I can fill in the void for any missing champ types in PVP... but I'm not really ready for PVP anyway. LOL. However, my most favorite champ class is ranged carry/DPS. I usually build my carries as AS/AD. I mostly play as Miss Fortune, but kind of lament that she has no escape without Flash. Being squishy sucks, so I try to lane with tanks or support. Here's a list of my favorite carries.


I've played Twitch before but I hate his character. Seriously, who wants to be a rat???

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You can find me in-game as ChknBall.

You read my entire bio??

Now that is patience.