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Hey, wow you're reading my profile! If you want to know more about me, I am 15 years old and live in Southern California. I started playing League of Legends when I was 12, in Season 2. The game has changed a lot since and I have stuck with it. I used to play a lot of 3v3 back when I wasn't even level 30, because I found 5v5 too hard and boring. In season 2, I only played my placements when I got to level 30 and then didn't do any other ranked games, and I got placed in Bronze V. (I lost like all of them lol.). In season 3, I tried quite a bit, and I finished Silver I, just short of that Elise skin. In season 4, when I started to get better at the game, I finished Gold IV, after nearly reaching Platinum earlier, but eventually falling. In season 5, I ended Platinum V, which is not too shabby. This season, I am trying to get Diamond V. If you play on NA, invite me to your friends list! We can play a few games if you want to. And if you haven't already, look at my only guide, my Draven Guide