(I don't even know which title I should give to this post lol)

I've been wondering a lot about my guides, I check them regularly to see if they got some new votes or comments, but not always I see what I expect. I put a lot of effort inside all of them and seeing them getting downvoted (enough to get to great to good score), being stuck in member score (for a lot of months at this point) or just them being in the shadow of a bigger guide makes me pretty sad. Now, I know what you are thinking "oh this guy just want to rant about stupid things", please stop right there and continue reading. Or leave, I don't know, maybe the matchmaking pop-up just appeared, in that case gl hf.

So... recently, as I said before, one of my guide got downgraded and when I discovered it in the morning I was feeling down, like REALLY down, and I was asking myself "Why I put that much effort in a guide that it's doing poorly? Why should I continue keeping up to date if it will be downvoted anyway?". It happened the same thing a month ago, it was literally the day the winners for the mid-season guide contest were announced; you always hope to win, even if you know that there are better guides than yours, and I guess I was hoping too much for what I had to offer. Obviously I didn't win (better jungler guide wins, amirite?), but unfortunately the coup the grace was given by another fact that happened the same day; I received an email from mobafire and you know what that means: new comment. I was pretty happy, I'm always happy when I receive some feedback, and it was even better when I discovered that there were two new comments (in two different guides). I logged in here and the bell notification wasn't lighted up, I checked the guides and actually they were counting a new comment, but they both vanished. As now I think there is an anti-spam bot here, it recognized both comments as spam (that user commented a lot of other guides, so I guess I wasn't the only one) and deleted them. That or that user was cruel enough to delete immediatly the comments, I would like to think it was the first option. In any case it killed immediatly my mood (again) and I started wondering why I was still here putting effort in my guides.

Then I thought when I wrote my first guide here in march (started in march... finished in may lol): I didn't came here wanting to become famous or because I wanted to be recognized, I came here because I wanted to share my knowledge with others. I always wrote my guides with this precise goal in my mind and I always wanted to put all my effort to make them unique, adding always something that could help others to unravel the champion's deepest secrets. Something that it could differenciate them from other's guides, to make them mine. And that thought just filled me up with determination (and maybe some hopes and dreams) and to this day I still continue to update my guides having that goal in my mind.

That's why everyone that would like to write a guide or even a build here should do it. Sure, not everyone can be the next Vapora Skittlekaze (I'm sorry for this orrible mashup. Well, not really), but I'm sure that everyone has always something to offer to the others. This is why I even wrote my illaoi guide, I was pretty discouraged seen that there was a guide that was literally the indiscussed king, but then I thought "well, idc that much, let's write it!" and I'm proud of the work I've done.

TL;DR if you have an idea, share it. It could be a guide, a build or whatever you want, but do it, you will surely help someone out there get better. Don't pay attention to fame or things like that, this is what it means to be a community.

I just wanted to share this little event that happened to me, if you are still here wtf go play league you just wasted 10 minutes reading someone rambling. But you know, you need a reward, have a derpy cat.