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Chromuro's Mobafire Blog

25 Sep

Views: 381 Fame and guide writing

(I don't even know which title I should give to this post lol)

I've been wondering a lot about my guides, I check them regularly to see if they got some new votes or comments, but not always I see what I expect. I put a lot of effort inside all of them and seeing them getting downvoted (enough to get to great to good score), being stuck in member score (for a lot of months at this point) or just them being in the shadow of a bigger guide makes me pretty sad. Now, I know what you are thinking "oh this guy just want to rant about stupid things", please stop right there and...
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21 Jun

Views: 537 My first ranked

So, I've been playing LoL for a year and a half. I started thanks to some of my friends and it was actually fun! I never played ranked because I'm not a competitive person, I don't care about my rank or whatsoever. But lately I decided that I wanted to try some ranked to see at what level I got to.
By "lately" I mean I decided that 4 MONTH AGO and until now I couldn't play because of my ranked anxiety. I even discovered like a week ago that it was really a thing and not just my head that was going crazy. So I try do read a bit about this thing and about the methods to cope with...
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