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Hiya! I started League of Legends somewhere in December during Winter Break. In my Computers class I was sitting in between two of my friends who play LoL and I was thinking: (Dang this game seems fun... I'm gonna try.) SO I downloaded it and during that week Kennen and Ashe were free. Of course like most Summoners, I bought Ashe with my 450IP to start out with. At first I was like, "Ashe is MY character!" but then after reaching level 10 Ashe was pretty focused down quickly. And then came Evelynn... Yes everyone, I'm an Evelynn player. Haha my first game with her was when I fell in love with her xD I proudly used Calfurion's guide. His guide is the BEST I've seen. After that I played Eve game after game raising my IP to get Kennen, that little hamster ninja with the annoying stuns.(: My two main Champions... Then my cousins started playing and I made a full-on Support Account and got Lux. I started getting used to her when she, Sona, and LeBlanc were free that one week. So yes, I like mages and Assassins. (: I can also Support you well... Mordekaiser with 15 HP and Caitlyn with her Ulti. I wasn't gonna make it but I had Flash with my Shield, so I threw it at him and flashed in to tank Cait's Ulti! And you should have seen that RAGE!

All in all, if you want a Jungler/Assassin, Annoying Stunner, or a Megadeathlazorshooter person I'm that guy:3