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First of all: Hi. How are you?

A little knowledge of my person:

I'm a 21 years old guy from Portugal that plays League of Legends for fun. I'm currently studying Law (it sucks here let me tell you that), and most of my free time is spent between school, friends, football (soccer if you're american), ice hockey (LA Kings is my favorite team and it's not because of the 2 Stanley Cups they won recently) and League. I'm not a pro player, but people say that I play better than my ranking so I guess that's ok? I love Heavy Metal, Animes and Beer.

On this page you'll find my guides and blogs (I try to write one time per week if I'm not in exams or spending time playing guitar). If they help you in any way, some credit would be apreciated.

If you want play with me, I'm on the EUW server. PM me if you want.