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Gangplank, Xin Zhao, Ashe
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Active since 10/7/2013. I play all roles but I love top and jg. I can turn almost any champ into a jg. May 2015 example: Fiora jG with 32/5/4, Gangplank JG with 3/0/9. Sadly they've changed so many champion's skills, now I have to "relearn" their jg builds haha.

I first started as ADC and MID lane so I'm pretty good with them as well. I only practiced more lanes, so I wouldn't be restricted to just 1 or 2. I hate support because it is so boring haha, but I'm very good at that as well(as long as the ADC doesn't fly out there like a blind bat haha).

Have a bad ratio from when I first started. Created a smurf account to restart it, sadly, it's taking forever to reach lvl 30 and get the Champs again(most of you know how thatfeels haha).

Well, so much for my life story, LET'S PLAY!!!!