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Nami, Diana, Ashe
Support, Mage, Marksman


When I start to play LoL , I was so NOOB ( XD ) ; I started with Support ( Nami ) , Can be a main for me , I really love her, for spells and as a Champ ( She is so cute *-* ) ;
Than I start to play on ADC with Cait ( wow so cute and cool ) as a champ !!! Really like her, also other champ but she is my favourite!!! <3
Now I start to play on the mid with Diana , not the first time on the mid , I played also with Ahri , Lux , Brand , Veigar and Soraka/Blitz ( just for joke ) XD . Than I pass with Katarina and Akali , but when I played with Diana for the first time ; It was funny and just love her spells ( and skins <3 ) !!!
That it for now ; I also played more champ but this are my best champ for me. <3

Hope you like it. :D