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Hi there. I'm Cloudah and I am from Bosnia currently playing on the Europe Nordic & East server of League of Legends. I started League roughly in Season 3, to be precise it was on Vi's release. Unlike many other players I didn't rush my ranked placement matches when I reached Level 30, I took a slow approach. My goal was to get up a whole entire League every year so I ended season 3 with my division being Silver IV with the thought of getting Gold V in my next Season, Season 4 which I did. For roughly 7 months I stayed in Gold V until my friends persuaded me to aim for higher and that was Platinum which I achived, I managed to climb to Platinum V from Silver IV in 119 games which was an accomplishment for me. As for Season 5 i'm taking a slow approach as well aiming only Platinum III as i'm not ready for Diamond kind of guy that will master certain champions before he starts his journey to climb the ladders of League of Legends. My main role is Top which consists for 3 champions of which i only use two. Riven and Renekton my secondary main role would be Mid followed by Support, ADC and Jungle. Well that's all for now, good luck and have fun may the odds ever be in your favor in the Summoner's Rift.