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Ezreal, Viktor, Zed
Mage, Marksman, Assassin


I have been playing LoL since S10 and am currently ranked Bronze in solo/duo.
Follow me on Twitch:

Currently maining Ezreal Mid-lane but have experience in every role and majority of champions.
I mained Vi jungle for a short while. Got to 61% win-rate over 51 ranked games before moving on to something else.
I have a handful of Zed experience on an alt-account.
I mained Brand Mid-lane for a bit too. Got to 62% win-rate over 34 ranked games.
Ran through mid-lane with Akshan until level 7 mastery and it got too easy.
I'm an inconsistent top-laner, in terms of performance, but can get the job done. I usually take Ornn.
I like to think I'm a good support, but it's not a creative enough role for me. Braum, Pyke, Senna, and Ornn are my main picks for support.
ADC was my main role when I started league. Reached level 7 mastery with Caitlyn

Faker is my hero :) One day my Ezreal will win lane against him and his Kai'Sa mid. That's a challenge, Faker.

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