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Coldpheonix (Unverified)
Warwick, Cho'Gath, Janna
Tank, Jungler, Support


play with a group full of friends, want to get competitive hopefully :)

Fills many roles; however, my order is:
Solotop - Tank/Offtank
Jungling - Tank/Offtank
Support - Duo bottom
I do NOT play carries, i refuse to rely 100% on other people to do me a favor that i would do for them, because frankly other people tend to let me down.

Lanewick - Now my new favorite champion, dominates solotop and is actually useful endgame and comes out with a great core which is better than the bloodrazor core IMO.
Amumu - Sorry Nunu, replaced with Amumu since even though the jungle is not as fast, a\or as good as Nunu's jungling, his Post-Jungle ability far surpasses Nunu's especially because of his AoE, but even more his Ult it a game changer.
AP Nidalee - Started using HotshotGG's AP Nidalee and love it, getting used to the many skills since she has more than 4 unlike everyone else, however this utility is beyond amazing and the heal makes me almost as useful as supports.
Jarvan IV - Love to tank with Jarvan! Awesome Champion, most preferred tank and possibly favorite champion to use.
Janna - Love the support, not many people prefer this role but i tried it and loved it so i could start thinking about a full 5's team.
Singed - Love singed, Awesome tank with a good damage output overall and gets a great CS quickly.
Amumu - jungle or not, great champion but i do not prefer over singed/Jarvan IV. Will happily use if a Jungle/Tank is needed.
Nunu - My preferred Jungle and 3's champion, can control the jungle so well and really helps to gank with infinite slow and never gets knocked out of the game because of his ultimate. Consume+Run FTW?
Anivia - Last resort, I do not like to carry but if an AP carry is needed i can get busy with this champion! Team split with a wall and just let the good times fly!