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I'm a Polish player/lvl 5 honor season 7.
I've started League somewhere in summer 2016. I'm a hardstuck Gold at the moment, but I've set a goal to get at least Platinum V this season!
I play on EuNE, so hit me up for a game if you want. ^^
As I started League there already was the Hextech Crafting system and from my very first chest I got Divine Soraka. I didn't know anything about the game, honestly, but I fell in love with the art of the skin so I bought the champion.
I've played a lot of support because of that in season 6. I came to love Soraka a lot and got lvl 7 on her. I was also a huge Katarina fan, as she had quite an easy kit I suppose you know what I did - got a lvl 7 on her as well. I was very proud, still not knowing anything about the game. I still wasn't lvl 30.
As every girl player I've seen in League - support and midlane are my main roles, though I do enjoy ADC quite a lot as well.
My flaws? Oh god...
1. I get tilted very easily (my meaning of tilt is getting mad at the game and playing worse, not raging), but I'm trying to keep myself calm and MVP.
2. Sometimes I do the stupidest thing you could do at League - chase. I hate when others do it, I have no idea why do I do it, I just do and I despise myself for that.
3. I don't talk in chat, my /all chat is muted. I may not rage, but sometimes I don't help verbally either. It's important to use your team chat to talk about the strategy and encourage one another - treat others as you want them to treat you.
4. Blaming my team for my LP loss when I do mistakes as well.

There's too many so... here are the main ones, I guess.
I wish that by reading this you have learned something about playing League (from my flaws). It might sound unlogical, but I do write down my flaws, not only in the internet, and try to think about how can I avoid bad habits or just be a better person (and a player) in general.
A great advice to achieve the goals you want is to have the right thinking, that's all.

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