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NejisRocks (Unverified)
Vladimir, Gangplank, Lee Sin
Caster DPS, Melee DPS, Jungler


Favourite LoL Hero: Vladimir.
Favourite Band: Thousand Foot Krunch/Rhapsody.
Favourite Movie: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Favourite Anime:
1. One Piece.
2. Fairy Tail.
3. Saint Seiya.
4. Naruto.
5. Bleach.
Favourite Characters:
1. Urahara.
2. Sanji.
3. Laxus.
Favourite Book: Witcher.
Favourite Game: Chrono Trigger.
Favourite Gaming Platform: Gameboy Advance (Cuz Pokemons).
Favourite Pokemon: Snorlax.
Favourite Element: Thunder/Electricity.
Role Model: Sanji - always, but just always, be a gentleman.
Favourite Quote: "Fear isn't a bad thing, it is to know your weakeness. If you know your weakness, you will become strong, kind and gentle."[/color]