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Croi Folamh (Unverified)
Nautilus, Alistar, Malphite
Tank, Support, Jungler


Croi Folamh, that is me... not so short and simple: I like League of Legends, and no, I'm definately (< typo'd?) not the best at it. I have thrown up a few Guides/Build ideas, and some people don't even bother reading... I'm quite sarcastic and rude, but I do show respect to those that can give it as well. I like playing with people on League of Legends, and my friend got me hooked into it. My favorite toons (characters) are: Rengar, Viktor, and Malphite. Those are my top three, and ones I'm good with too. I also like Renekton, Pantheon, Galio, Udyr, Hecarim, Nunu & Willump, Tryndamere, Varus and Malzahar. The last ones I'm decent/good with, and last two listed off were my first two I bought, so I go back to them from time to time. I haven't really done much PvP lately since being out of state, but when I get back home... can't wait to do some. Want to get better at this game and have... per se, a lot more of a challenge. I don't play a lot nor often since my current net is somewhat weak, and goes out at times. Normally I'd just skip this Bio stuff too but I'm bored... and need to make myself more tired so I'll crash out. XD

I like to play with others, and if I see anyone who's reading this on there, or you see me... go ahead and add if you like, meeting and playing with, or against, other players... is a good thing to me. May learn something from one another, or just have a good time. :P

Last thing I got to say though is this... when you read through someones Guide/Build upon something, make sure you actually read through it before commenting and saying something negative... makes yourself look and seem quite stupid.

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