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I'm a casual player who generally plays support. I'm currently Silver 3 (when writing this) after a terrible losing streak from Silver 1 which pushed me as far back as Silver 4. I have turned it around again and hope to be pushing up the ranks quickly. By the end of Summer 2014 I expect to be gold ranked though I make no promises.

I started ranked by using my remaining IP to get a new support because I knew that support is the least favoured role by most people. By supporting I could hopefully provide more overall, avoiding competition for roles as you often see. So I looked in the shop for a relatively cheap support who could provide both a heal and speed boost. These were the two things I thought most important in a support champion at the time, I picked Sona. Since then I've played alot of Sona, mostly before the rework and I have a decent score with her, averaging about 60% of games won with her after about 150 games (including too many dcs and trolls to count, I expect this percentage could be at least 5% higher without them being included).

Before I played Sona I mainly played Midlane in normal games up to lvl 30. My first big buy was Malzahar who was very powerful against newer players (I recommend him as a first buy for this reason). Aswell as him I played quite a bit of Heimerdinger when I could get the often coveted Mid role. I have played Heimer in ranked aswell and generally I've taken him vs champions like Katarina and Akali who have no real way to stop you pushing hard all the time in lane. I've denied Cs so badly with him and the enemy tower it was unfunny and then there is the inevitable gank which more often than not has resulted in at least one kill for me, maybe two depending. Heimerdinger is a very satisfying champion to play if you are against the right champion. I have about a 75% success rating with him because of this. When I'm not playing the ****er I play Brand, a very interesting champion with a great passive and I have had mixed results with him. I tend to get alot of assists with him which is frustrating but he is incredibly fun to play.

After playing Sona for a long time I decided I needed to branch out into other champions and roles. I decided seeing as I played in botlane so much that ADC would be the right role to branch out into first. Since then I've learnt Lucian, Thresh, Blitz, Ezreal, Nami and many more champions who I play when the need arises. I prefer Lucian as my main ADC (though I'm turning off him now), I play Ezreal and Caitlyn too depending on the situation and I'm picking up Tristana.

Recently since the updates to team builder I have tried other roles in the spirit of getting all the icons from the gamemode, without just playing the same old roles under a different description. I tried Jungle Fiddlesticks for the assassin icon, which was quite fun. I've learnt how to Toplane decently with Nasus for the Tank icon aswell as picking up some more champions like Cho'gath and Dr Mundo who are fairly decent champions overall. I still prefer to Support and ADC when in Ranked but I'm much more confident as a Toplaner now.

I'll keep playing ranked al lthrough Season 4 and hopefulyl I'll manage to get Gold ranked for the end of the season. After that I've promised myself a big spending spree on skins for my best champions such as Sona and brand, also including Golden Alistair for obvious reasons. ***well as a big spending spree I plan to try making youtube videos again after their relative flop about a year ago. This time I plan to make League of Legends videos but I won't start until I can safely say I'm a Gold ranked player or higher.

If you managed to get this far down then congrats and have fun on the fields of Justice!