Playing a game in PBE. Yes yes...I's PBE. Bare with me here. We're playing and I duo with a guy I played last game. We don't know each other and we just decided to duo. Was a nice guy. We get into a game and let's just say it wasn't a normal team comp. Our jungler is Zed (guy I was duoing with) and I guess he messed up on some fights. Our Miss Fortune just goes nuts and calls him out. Swearing and saying "You suck. Go play bots. Never play a normal game again." So I just tell him "Shhhh it's okay. It's fine." Next thing Zed, Miss Fortune, and I run into some fed opponents and we all die. Mr. Toxic goes hard and freaks out. "Thanks guys! Because of you I died!! Thanks!!" and then again continues to talk "Never play normals again. Go play bots cuz you guys suck" Usually I would just mute the toxic person but then I just couldn't this time. I don't know why. I replied with "Neither should you. You clearly are too toxic to be playing."

NOW HOOOOOOLD IT RIGHT THERE. Technically before all of this I could have already muted him right when I could tell he was being a toxic flipping nub idiot scrub (I had to get that off my chest...). I chose not to and ended up feeding the fire and we ended up going back and forth before the game ended. It bothers me that someone would go so crazy over in the PBE servers. A server that basically does not matter AT ALL. I don't know....dang nub scrub.

I don't know what caused me to not mute him and what caused me to fire back...but clearly my attitude was in the wrong place to feed the toxic player. I should have just muted him.

Wish he was banned...