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09 Dec
Some predictions for season 5. Some will be dumb...some will make sense.

- Zac will be a top tier jungler at some point. Or at least a contested one.
- Jayce is gonna get nerfed.
- Warwick is gonna get his wrist slapped.
- Azir will be a pick. Just a pick.
- Rengar top lane is gonna be a thing.

Pre-Season thoughts.

- Lissandra getting picked up now...maaaaaaaan. I always had this thought that she was strong.
- LeBlanc? What the heck?
-I'm guessing Morellonomicon is much more cost efficient now.
-Why isn't Nunu & Willump a pick or ban champion?...
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18 Oct

Views: 675 Power Spikes

I think I am starting to grasp the idea of power spikes...but not fully.

So from what I can see...
Yasuo has a power spike when getting Statikk Shiv and then later when he gets IE
Rumble gets his when he gets a Haunting Guise and maybe scor shoes
Jayce gets one with a The Brutalizer
and so on...

Now those are power spikes with items...but with abilities I'm guessing it is quite different.

How do I know/tell when my champion is having a power spike and I start pushing my edge when I can?
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07 Sep

Views: 1078 Gnarly Builds

I bought Gnar during his release...played a little while...then just said forget it. He confuses me and decided to wait on the pros and see what they'll build on him. After looking around and doing some small seems that Darien likes to build him full tank and no damage while other still seem to build him with a damage item first ( Trinity Force, Blade of the Ruined King, and some even The Brutalizer> Youmuu's Ghostblade).

I DUNNO WHAT TO BUILD! It seems smart to build full tank since you want Gnar to be a beast and if you go full damage then items...
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05 Jun

Views: 953 Top to Mid

So I mainly play anything top lane. I love the fact that you just sit up there and farm and become tanky and just soak stuff up and you really don't have to be TOO mechanically skilled to play many top laners.

But lately I have been trying to improve my other lane roles. Particularly mid. I have this issue of turning mid into a farm fest. Literally. Just walking around farming. Also...I don't trade as often as I should. When I'm top lane I trade and do a decent job at it, but for some reason when I am mid I just dunno when I should. (I once...
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26 Apr

Views: 948 The state of TF

So after seeing Twisted Fate in multiple games in both the LCS as well as OGN, is TF slowling moving back into a somewhat viable pick in the professional scene? Why is this? Also...I always see a Morellonomicon built on him from the pros. Is it more cost efficient than an Athene's Unholy Grail on him? And I remember reading somewhere that a Lich Bane rush isn't ideal anymore.

Thoughts and response?

I like playing TF just because he makes me feel like a pro...(even though I lose lane and feed)
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