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Darealone's Mobafire Blog

13 Mar

Views: 662 Ryze of Jayce

Okay so my last blog post was about the rise of Ryze. This about the rise of both Ryze and Jayce.

With the slight buff to Tear of the Goddess it seems that both of these champions gained an indirect buff to them. Looking at the lolking stats on both of these champs... Ryze has seen a small rise in play since his buff (Feb 28th I believe) and a very high surge in win percentage. (Here) As for Jayce his pick percentage sky rocketed around the 6th of March but his win percentage still fluctuates...
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07 Mar

Views: 784 Re-rise of Ryze?

After looking at the buffs at it possible he will be back in action soon? I love playing him top...just that I haven't been able to for a while because people say it isn't viable anymore. Well with the buffs to his health and to his he back?

I've read around and people have said that the buffs helped him out. Not only this but with the showing of Ryze in the LCS...does this mean...he will appear in other regions as well? (I would love to see Korean players pick him up again) Now I understand that he doesn't exactly counter the current meta (or does he?) and that...
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01 Mar
While I was sifting through the Trundle guides I couldn't seem to find any ones that...well...satisfied. So I might make my own...but because of my not so extensive knowledge and possibility that the one I make will be extremely bad...I decided to make one here first before going all out. So please. Feel free to read and critique. DON'T CRITICIZE FOR NO REASON.

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25 Feb

Views: 547 Pho Real Solo Q Sadness

Now a loss doesn't bother...until it is a loss that should have been a WIN!

I'm playing Renekton and I win my lane quite decisively. Bot lane does alright going fairly even with their lane opponents. Mid feeds a little but manages to catch up by the time mid game shows up. Our jungler is fairing well ( Vi building a Spirit of the Elder Lizard...not my favorite but eh).

Mid game comes and I ping to siege the mid turret. No one comes and we all end up getting killed in a horrific team fight. Once for a one comes and out bot duo gets picked off...and...
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10 Jan

Views: 816 Is he a thing or...?

Played tons of games with him...saw OGN matches with him...and now Sykkuno has a new video featuring him. Kha' he a thing now?

So assassins besides Kassadin are kinda poo poo now and champions with stealth abilities are now strong. So does that make Kha'Zix all that now? What I think is that since many assassins where nerfed and Kassadin is basically a perma ban then he has actually become a REAL pick now. Not exactly a perma ban himself but rather a viable pick. He does well with what seems to be siege comps...maybe...
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