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17 Dec

Views: 525 One good fight...

We're about 35 minutes into the game and we're down to our inhibitor turrets. Mid's inhibitor is actually destroyed. (Oh...btw...we're blue) Purple side also has just took Baron. So manage to catch a couple stragglers from their team. We kill their ADC, Support, and mid laner. So now only their bruiser and jungler have the actual Baron buff. We manage to group up again. For some reason we catch them in between the mid lane and dragon. BOOM...our Shyvana ults on all of them, I drop my ult ( The Equalizer) and wallah...they died...well except the mid laner. And so we pushed mid within a...
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15 Dec

Views: 726 Grouping? Please...

So I'm playing as Dr. Mundo in a normal game and I go up against an Irelia. Now I'm thinking..."She walks into a bar...and there is no counter". Well dang...what the heck. Looks like I should just farm up and rush a Sunfire Aegis. Game starts...

We're purple side and I go to our red buff to watch for an invade. Minions spawn and I go up and farm. Since Irelia had to leash (and he leashed for a while) I got about a 5 CS lead and a level lead. Of course within a short amount of time he caught up. MOVING FORWARD...I get ganked a die. 0/1/0 However...the lane was...
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10 Dec

Views: 760 And I say disappear...

After watching several OGN matches and hearing what the commentators had to say on the new meta...I remember noticing and hearing one thing in particular...STEALTH champions are stronger. Well...dang...that's true. With the limitations of the Vision Ward and the removal of Oracles Elixir it only makes sense. So...are ALL the stealth champions coming back?

Let's take a look at the champions that have stealth abilities...
- Akali and her Twilight Shroud
- Evelynn and her Shadow Walk
- Kha'Zix and...
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15 Nov
People often say playing support is boring...but to me it isn't. I kinda like it since I don't have to worry much about CSing (partly because I suck at it). Honestly though...I feel that everyone should learn how to decently play a support character. It teaches you how, where, and when to ward. It helps to show how much of a priority warding is. Not only does it help with teaching how to ward...but also gold efficiency.

Because you lack gold from 0 CS then you need to understand what items you need to grab.
-Is Boots more important or should I be...
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11 Nov

Views: 460 For fun or for realz...

I find myself always looking for new champions to play and master...trying my best to expand my champion pool. In my previous blog post I listed out my main champions that I mainly play (yes... Nunu & Willump support is viable in my books). LeBlanc was the most recent champion I had purchased and ever since I got her I have been improving my reaction times as well as muscle memory. Since my muscle memory has been getting better I thought I would go try Lee Sin. So I saved and saved IP and finally got enough to buy Lee Sin...but then I reached a predicament...I wasn't so sure I would do...
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