So I mainly play anything top lane. I love the fact that you just sit up there and farm and become tanky and just soak stuff up and you really don't have to be TOO mechanically skilled to play many top laners.

But lately I have been trying to improve my other lane roles. Particularly mid. I have this issue of turning mid into a farm fest. Literally. Just walking around farming. Also...I don't trade as often as I should. When I'm top lane I trade and do a decent job at it, but for some reason when I am mid I just dunno when I should. (I once lost in CS to a Galio because I never really traded back.) I've been practicing my Orianna (simply because I think she is REALLY REALLY fun) and my Twisted Fate and Zed here and there.

I've started to progress with Orianna but I sort of feel like I shield too much rather then try to deal damage when my ult is down. (I once lost in CS to a

QUESTION: Generally, for most mid laners, Athene's Unholy Grail is standard. If I go back with about 1700 gold. Do I buy the pieces for an Athene's Unholy Grail or get a Needlessly Large Rod? What if I am far ahead? Far behind? Even?