As a new member of MOBAFire...I thought I would introduce myself through my blog. Here I will share my thoughts about League as well as various other things mostly revolving around League. I am still relatively new to League and am only level 25. I understand the meta and stuff but some stuff I still don't understand.

To be brief...I am a college student who enjoys gaming when I have free time. I don't take playing League extremely serious. I do enjoy winning...but at no means do I see myself wanting to compete in the LCS at any point in my life. Moving on to the actual game and stuff now.

The lane that I like to play is Top. I don't know why but I do. Probably because a lot of champions that go Top are tanky and beefy so it allows me to die slower than say a glass cannon type of champion. My first Champion I really liked was Cho'Gath. When I didn't really understand the game and I went against the AI...he would use his Rupture and then you would be knocked up. I thought that was incredibly OP and immediately thought he was the most OP thing there ever was. He also grew bigger and bigger in size which I thought was really cool too. I thought that by level 18 all champions would be big and huge like him. Sadly I was wrong. Later on I bought him and began my LoL journey. I began watching videos and reading articles. Jumping many many months later I finally understood some of the meta and the roles that are placed in the game. I picked up Shen and he is now one of my main champions that I play. Of course...when I picked him up I didn't really know how to build him and would rush a Trinity Force on him and forgot about boots.

MOVING EVEN FURTHER ON TO THE PRESENT. Yes I enjoy Top lane but am slowly trying to improve my work on the other roles as well. My jungling is okay and so is my supporting. As for the mid role...I still need improvement. I am way to paranoid to play in the mid lane. ADCing is just not for me. I can't last hit at all. I'm slowly working on it but unless there are no more roles left in a game then I usually try to avoid playing ADC.

My Champion Pool consists of...
Top: Shen, Jayce, Jax
Jungle: Udyr, Rammus
Mid: LeBlanc
Support: Sona, Nunu & Willump

If you would like to see me feed in a live match then feel free to add me! (NA Server only...sorry)

Yes I know...I don't really play a lot of normal games.