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30 Sep

Views: 287 Soraka Kit Revamp

Well, this revamp came out of the blue...Soraka's kit is getting reworked in some sort of weird compromise between RIOT and The People.

> Q is now an AoE skillshot with a central Slow. It also heals Soraka upon hitting a champion if her normal heal is avalible. This is great since Soraka had pretty much no decent CCs without C Scepter.

> W is now spammable, but costs some mana PLUS DEALS 10% MAX HP TRUE DAMAGE TO SORAKA. This is the compromise I mentioned. Soraka is hailed as the "principal healer" among most of the healing champions, but while increasing her tag...
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12 Jun

Views: 512 Brawm Buff Opinion

I think Brawm is a good fresh champion, but we need to buff his Q ratio to 4.5% max HP so he can deal the current, he can be outplayed by Zilean. Riot plz...
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12 Jun

Views: 570 Sion Rework Idea

I've noticed there are a lot of battles raging over Sion's AP kit, with high regards to his hybrid strategy Death's Caress. I think a fresh full-AD kit is in order, and just like Master Yi, it shouldn't impact the fan base too much. New spell names enjoy :D

Rusted Steel: Sion's basic attacks apply a DoT of magic damage over 3s that can stack up to 3 times. Sion can heal for a small amount per basic attack on marked enemies, the value of which does not stack.
DoT 15/21/27/33/39 (+10% Bonus AD)
Heal 6/10/14/18/22 (+6% Bonus...
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12 Jun

Views: 504 Zilean Rework Idea

Hello Moba! I've been MIA from the blog for a while but here is my idea for a better Mid-lane Zilean, that way he can do more in less time (hue). His current flaw is that he is open to free damage if both Time Bomb and Rewind are on cooldown, so I reworked his kit for more damage and gave his spells better names (optional). Enjoy my madness :D

Chronoscape: Zilean applies unstable time energy on the target that detonates after 4s. Enemies near the target suffer magic damage and are Stunned for 1.25s.
Dmg 80/135/190/145/300 (+85%...
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25 Mar

Views: 443 Champ In The Making

I have a piece of paper at home that may well be the next champion on the roster, which is called "Xanadia, The Lakarisan Overseer". This character is based off of my homemade story Welcome To Dia, and in a bit I will post the moveset and ratios etc. so you can post your opinions :D
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