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Taric, Udyr, Rammus
Support, Jungler, Tank


I'm by no means the best player. I consider myself a casual, but better than the average player. I understand the game mechanics and know how to punish people when they give me the opportunity. I haven't built any builds yet because I don't have the time to do a good enough review justice for my favorite champs. I would like to contribute to the MobaFire and LoL community, but my schedule doesn't permit me to do so.

To the build builder's (Yes I went there): Thank you! You guys make a lot of players' lives (like myself) easier by taking the time to make such great guides! Keep it up!

Support I love in order:
1. Taric (Newest Fav, dat stun)
2. Soraka (Fun doing solo top for the lulz, great overall support)
3. Sona (Love the heal and AOE Stun)
4. Janna (My first and original Support Champ, still amazing. Love the Ult and shield)

1. Udyr
4. Why bother with anyone else? haha
5. Lee Sin, Amumu, Warwick, Rammus, and Gank Plank are all good as well I guess...

1. Rammus
2. Cho Gath
3. Dr. Mundo (A pretty silly one if you build him right)