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Darrellcanfly7 (Unverified)
Morgana, Annie, Anivia
Caster DPS, Ranged DPS


My name is darrell, im sure you could of guessed by the name. Im 18 and i play mostly AP carry champions. When i first started league a friend asked me to play it. so i said sure since its free. then he just kinda quit playing and i didnt know wat i was doing so i quit a few days in. The only thing i rememeber from then is that it was anivia free champion week and she was all i played. then i came back for like a week a couple months later and started playing ashe alot, but shortly quit due to being completely confused. Finally i came back which is bringing me to now. This time when i came back i figured id learn how the game worked, and what is really going on. so i learned and i knew i wanted to play ashe and i figured out she was an AD carry. so i wanted to expand on the ADC's i had and i saw a MLG game where someone was playing kog'maw and i knew i wanted him so i saved up the points bought him after buying various 450IP champs. I had alot of fun playing down in bot lane but i just didnt like that fact that i had to rely so heavily on other people. So i decided that id try out all the free champions every week and have atleast 1 positive game with them each week(something i still do...i may skip a champion here or there but i do mall of them for the most part. a week or 2 into doing that i found fiddlesticks. I wasnt ready to try him as a jungler so i wanted bot lane where i was most comfortable, but after getting in the game somone else went bot and refused to leave so i just went mid lane. This is where I found where i want to be. I currently dont own fiddle due to the fact i was focused on getting stronger ap carries, but i will buy him soon cause he is where i started basically. After likeing fiddle so much i thought could there be other champions that i like this much so i started buying the 450/1350 champions until i ran into Morgana(my Favvorite champion by far.) I starrted playing her and game after game after game i was dominating my lane. From then on i pretty much decided that i wanted to main as an AP carry/Solo Mid. I guess if i was ever on a team and for some reason i couldnt be APC any more i guess id move back down into bot lane as an ADC or support.
My bigest weakness is Farming. when i play mid my cs is normally garbage unless i have an afk farmer like morgana. This is mostly due t the fact i roam around way to much and try and gank other lanes. If you could think of any small tips that helped you out, or you have heard of please send me a message cause if i get that down i feel i will be a much scarier threat
Annie tibber bombs= Tibber(stun) q->r->(ignite)->Q if they survive be afraid