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Lux, Sona, Xayah
Support, Mage, Marksman


My name is DatKawaiiBunny, and I'm a Silver IV ADC & support main. I've been playing since season 7!

The first-ever champions I invested in were Miss Fortune and Caitlyn. They were my was first mastery 5's. After that, I started to play support towards the end of 2017. I still wasn't good at the game, but I tried. I later learned more about the support role and my own playstyle.

My favorite champions are:

Yes, I have a lot of favorites. I just love their stories, skins, and abilities so much!

I started to make guides because I really wanted to help people. I don't go over everything, but I knew I wanted to provide people with the basics of the champion. I update as much as possible. I've also worked on making my guides cleaner with code and banners!

I'll be planning on making a banner shop of sorts for those in need of banners. You can see examples of my guides. I probably won't make the shop till later, but you can message me if you want banners if I'm not busy!

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