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Ezreal, Kennen, Katarina
Marksman, Mage, Assassin



I love playing Ezreal and Kennen, and I can confidently say I main them in both normals and ranked. I currently have a 80+% win rate with Kennen and 60+% win rate with Ezreal.

I main midlane with mages or assassins. Some champions I play mid are LeBlanc, Veigar, and of course: Kennen.
I also main AD carry almost as much as I main mid lane. My favorite champion to play as a Marksman is, of course, Ezreal, and I frequently play Miss Fortune as well.

However, I find every role enjoyable. Even my worst position (Support) is pretty similar to my ADC level. I am constantly learning to play new champions (both for myself and the game itself), and I am always polishing my skills with previously played champions.

Skillshot champions are my best champions. As you can see from above, Ezreal and Kennen are both very skillshot-reliant. This has allowed me to be better than the average player in similar ELOs at hitting skillshots and dodging them.

Anyways, that's me. If you wish to add me on League, my summoner is davidkim2106. Feel free to private message me, and I will try to reply as fast as I possibly can.