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Death O Death (Unverified)
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long ago in a land of darkness a child was born. The child's father was the the devil himself and the mother was hell, the queen of death. The child was the pure darkness, his name was Thore, when Thore travelled the world, everything living who was close to him died or got deadly sick. He wandered in a long time without knowing where to go just knowing he needed to go there. After 13 years he found a big molten throne with a helm laying on it whispering, take me on. Take me on, he couldn't stop now! He walked to the throne, and took the helm on he's eyes was glowing of might, immediately he's body was feeling warm, and he saw that he was melting but still he was sitting up. He was now half human, half lava. From now on and ever he got known as the king of slayers. but he's real name will ever remain as
death o death