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Deathknightz (Unverified)
Udyr, Warwick, Vladimir
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I'm usualy on everday but not for long my Elo had spiked almost to 2k i got to 1986, close then suepr losing streak and im working my way back, i play literaly everthing, i'm usualy whats needed and belive it or not i random most games and my team freaks but they don't know. I randomedd vlad once he's my main and Omg my team was so overjoyed that i wrecked and zoned tf mid, my team was very good at their roles, we won we didnt barin just bd EVERTHING with yi trynd malph.I am usualy on everday from 5-9pm cause i got football and wrestling im still in high school but im workin through it and i take breaks between evrgame for about 4 mins or less. WOOOT!! i did it >p