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Cassiopeia, Ahri, Orianna
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Hello. My name is Demitri Harrah. That is not my real name, it is a name I made up randomly when I was supposed to enter my Summoner Name a long time ago. I spend most of my time acting/directing in theatre and playing League of Legends. A few thing that you may need to know about me: I hate when people use inproper grammer. I love AP mages so much I can't even stand it. I love to read The Oatmeal. I listen to music when I play League, usually Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are my favorites to gouge my eyes out to. In reality, I listen to all kinds of music, mostly 90s alternative and things in that genre. I can listen to dubstep and enjoy it as well. I end almost every game I play with "<3 you guys. gg." because I'm that guy. Those were a few things that you guys can all welcome yourselves to know about me. Okay, bye.