So, this post is basically to say what i'm working on my next guides, and plans for the future.

  • Reworking my Garen guide's item section and making it more visually atractive (with a lot of advice from a lot of people, never though i would have so much help!).
  • A full Karma guide named "There is no escaping Karma", covering her Mid-lane, jungle and support roles. It is now 80% complete, it's almost done and i hope you like when it's released (probably late october/middle november since i won't have a lot of time)
  • A full Tristana guide named "DeOnde's Guide To Tristana"(hope i think in a better name...). This one is 65% complete but has been stuck for quite a while.
  • A full Gangplank guide that is in early development
  • A full AD Twisted Fate guide that is in early development
  • A top-lane Taric guide named "Outrageous Guide to Sapphire Taric"

That's all, having so many different projects make it quite hard to work on them with the time i have, but i hope i can make them real and bring you some quality work on how to play those champions.