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24 Oct
With the arrival of Season 4 many things will change, runes, masteries, wards, item slots and many other aspects of the game might be changed with the new season. As some may know, i have a complete Karma guide that is almost complete and i have a doubt. So, what is your opinion? Is it any worth to release a guide now, with the new season knocking? Or should i wait a bit more to release it?
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13 Oct
So, this post is basically to say what i'm working on my next guides, and plans for the future.

  • Reworking my Garen guide's item section and making it more visually atractive (with a lot of advice from a lot of people, never though i would have so much help!).
  • A full Karma guide named "There is no escaping Karma", covering her Mid-lane, jungle and support roles. It is now 80% complete, it's almost done and i hope you like when it's released (probably late october/middle november since i won't have a lot of time)
  • A full Tristana guide...
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