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Vayne, Lee Sin, Nocturne
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Vayne's the Main, over 500 ranked games, 100 as Vayne. Looking for teammates who play well. Two things I don't like, Tryndamere/Garen and feeders/people who think they're good. I've got a relatively low ELO thanks to people playing simple, extremely powerful champs and feeding anyways, such as an Akali player(0-12-2) feeding a Talon or a Kassadin(1-9-1) feeding an Annie. I really dislike playing any type of champs that aren't AD due to the fact that I no longer trust ranked teammates to carry me, or even push well. Invite me to games, I rarely play anything but ranked, because I'm hoping to find a good Duo-Queue partner sometime. Anyways, Bye, message me in game and we can figure something out. Baii~