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Pantheon, Garen, Aatrox
Tank, Fighter, Assassin


Hello everyone :D I am Devilofthewest, a one trick Pantheon player. Ive been playing League of Legends for a long time now. Every so often i do take a break from the game but despite this i always am keeping up with the current Pantheon guides and content people put out about him. Pantheon is what brings me back to this game and the thing that keeps me playing.
My favorite roles in this game are Top and Jungle. I really like to play fighter type champions as tanks like my boys Pantheon, Garen, and Aatrox (I even included a Tank Pantheon build in my guide you can try for fun xD). I also like to go with Assassins like Ahri, Nidalee, Predator Garen
LOL. Im not really sure what else to put here, im mostly here to make guides :). So far my Pantheon guide is about finished and soon i'll be working on guides for Garen and Mord :)

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