... and i am having fun.

This game is srsly getting way to serious :)
Do you remember the times where you just picked champion you liked, and went where you wanted to go with whoever you wanted to?

There was no
Top/Mid/Jungle/ADC+Supp requirement.

There was no metagame etc. I miss those days tbh.
Some champions are bound to go here or there. Some ppl are forced to do something they dont want to do etc.

Even normal games have the "rules" you have to follow.

I am trying my best and play with my friends as often as i can and we usualy go full premade or 4ppl premade so we can goof around a bit :D

We still have some competitive spirit and play games like "ok lets win this one", where we pick our best champs and they force me to play Karthus for an iWin button but the fun is all we care.

Some of my friends also noticed that this game is not made for playing atm, it is way better to watch it than play it. WTF are those koreans doing...

What are your thoughts about game from times where EU had "minor" PvP.net issues and nowdays?