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DEWO's Mobafire Blog

17 Jun
Hi there again.

Well some time ago i started to get up there to gold/plat tier. I thought it would be easy, I was placed after placement matches in Silver II, than dropped to V due to inactivity.
I didnt play much ranked games since i enjoyed playing with friends more than playing with randoms etc, but my friends are not as good to form a 5v5 Team and get somewhere or we couldnt get whole team in 1 evening playing etc.

I started to play Duos with my buddy.

We did fairly ok. I went from Silver V (0LP) to promo to Silver III (V-L-L in promo due to server problems and getting into...
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04 Apr
... and i am having fun.

This game is srsly getting way to serious :)
Do you remember the times where you just picked champion you liked, and went where you wanted to go with whoever you wanted to?

There was no
Top/Mid/Jungle/ADC+Supp requirement.

There was no metagame etc. I miss those days tbh.
Some champions are bound to go here or there. Some ppl are forced to do something they dont want to do etc.

Even normal games have the "rules" you have to follow.

I am trying my best and play with my friends as often as i can and we usualy go full premade or 4ppl premade...
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30 Oct
Sooo i am slowly getting back on track, doing some matches, checking out the jungle that sux monkey balls (prefered the old hard one)...

So any1 can tell what would be my new guide about? A little hint?

And i am not greedy anymoar :D soon... ranked games and than i'll try to post my thoughts in the guide itself :D

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30 Nov

This is a test entry for Matt to see how creative i am and helping him with catching bugs and other butterflies :) yada yada yada yada and so on and so forth :) etc.

The blog will be fancy nancy with italics and such :) i can add diferent colors if you...
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