Hi there again.

Well some time ago i started to get up there to gold/plat tier. I thought it would be easy, I was placed after placement matches in Silver II, than dropped to V due to inactivity.
I didnt play much ranked games since i enjoyed playing with friends more than playing with randoms etc, but my friends are not as good to form a 5v5 Team and get somewhere or we couldnt get whole team in 1 evening playing etc.

I started to play Duos with my buddy.

We did fairly ok. I went from Silver V (0LP) to promo to Silver III (V-L-L in promo due to server problems and getting into situation of 2v4 than 3v5 ofc not in favor for our team and loosing that promo) in about 2 days (played 2 days in 4 day time). Was on 9 win streak with nearly 90% won games with Karthus untill that server ****up happened.

Well i thought that if my skill was high enaugh to get to gold/plat as i think it is, that loose shouldnt matter at all so i played more.
Well that was kinda a breakpoint... After that game something snapped... We were constantly getting 1 (always 1!) teammate that had absolutly no will to play the game, but still played the game or somehow a Bronze V UltraHighELOMadafakaIamTheBezzzt Player that flamed from the start of bans/picks chat.

That leads me to the conclusion...
Why there are ppl that play the game just to play something... I thought that ranked games were played by players that accualy want to achieve something... or at least beeing carried. But to do that they cant be all that "Mid or troll" ppl, or I-Feed-You-Carry Me.

Personaly i dont find those usual bans relevant so i usualy banned something else than Malphite/Shen/Blitz. I can agree on Amumu, but if you dont ban thresh what is the point in banning Blitz? I usualy banned counters for our team and was doing good (untill those ban/pick screen kids came flaming of beeing scared of shen).

I noticed also that ppl were accualy pikcing those "OP" champs that werent banned by standard and pick em just becouse they werent banned failing miserably in accual game.

I need stronger spirit to go through this. I was bouncing in Silver IV up and down beeing in promos several times. Never had accualy a BAD game in terms of my performance. It is a team game so i tend to help and keep the spirits in the team high even with bad start etc when ppl call a GG in first 5 mins of the game or doing a /ff as soon as 20m hit having 4 endgame champion picks vs early game bruisers.

I am not giving up. Not yet. I think my place is at least in gold and i will try to push it there.
I want to become "relevant" to ppl that look at the League you are in etc.

As a bonus a graph of my climb and drop :(