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Summoner Info

Digideus (Unverified)
Brand, Urgot, Pantheon
Support, Caster DPS, Ranged DPS


Heavy Metal fan (Yes, I love the riff!)
Guiarist (bass and rhythm guitarist)
Musician (Electronics and orchestral)
Composer (songwriting)
Audio Video enthusiast (Home Cinema and movies FTW)
Studio engineer (Running a complex of rehearsal and recording rooms)
Computer engineer (level 3 desktop/network/infrastructure support and department management)
Parent (to 3 wonderful kiddies!)

About a year or so ago, I downloaded Heroes Of Newearth. I played one game and thought it was terrible. The community was elitist and non-helpful and for someone who has had no experience of a MOBA before, I thought it was a pointless game full of self important idiots.

Then I tried LoL and discovered a few of my friends were summoners already and they told me to keep at it and learn the ropes. I did, and a year later, I'm playing regular games with my kids.