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Nocturne, Zac, Fiddlesticks


I'm an average league player who has had an interest in it since 2014. I've had my breaks but something about this game just keeps willing me back to it. I really enjoy Jungle, but after that every other position is pretty much neutral to me. I want to be a one-trick, but I always find a reason to switch champions, I just can't stick with one. Well that is, besides the one exception: Fiddlesticks. He is my flat out favorite champion to play and I cannot stop playing him whenever I get the chance to. Other than that, I generally enjoy easy champions with huge ultimates like Amumu, Sejuani, Oriana, Darius, and Braum. I do enjoy high mechanical gameplay - as long as I have the frames and internet to do it - on champions where positioning is key (Cassiopeia, - although I generally am not the best at marksman - Lucian, Ahri, and of course the Fiddles himself. After a while of playing i've also grown intrest in both participants of the hunt (although I never know what to build when going AD) and that has boosted my knowledge in the assassin base. But when all is said and done I wouldn't consider myself anything special when it comes to league, i'm mediocre and will most likely stay that way. But honestly it's the way I like it, it's a great place for champions like Fiddlesticks to thrive in without the ban-hammer hitting him too hard. With all that said all that's left is to say I hope you like my one and only guide, and don't worry if it's outdated for now, i'll be working on an update in the near future. I also hope my advice is satisfactory and helpful to anyone who asks for some, and really that's about all you get from this site, isn't it?

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