I had a 3day pass, and went with three other people. I did not get as much sleep as I'm used to, so I'mma catch up this week @A@

I attended Friday's Riot Panel regarding Riot's interactions with the community. I completely missed the Saturday panel (champion relaunch) and Sunday's was full when I arrived, so I never got to ask my question (I waited too long on Friday). I also went to the booth (giant crowd). There were community URF matches played live and a collegiate game (UConn vs Carnegie Mellon), both shoutcasted. Sky showed up to help shoutcast on sunday.

They handed out a fair amount of sweg. Stress ball poros, lanyards, posters, and codes (Riot Blitz and Arcade Hec were available in the PAX Sweg Begs, and you could get Arctic Ops Varus and an ADCarry lanyard by talking to Rioters). DO NOT ASK ME FOR CODES. I only got enough for my friends and myself. I left at 4PM, so I'm not sure if Riot ever gave out the buckets they promised on Saturday XD

I also took two 360 pictures with Teemo. One in costume (Safari Caitlyn), one in street clothes. Link to all videos. I also obtained a picture of Ezreal (the designer), since my partner mains Ezreal.

========== End LOL Content ==========


Yeah, so the other girl in my group cosplayed the first two days, so I ended up being her swegmyul. She went as Lissa from Fire Emblem. She got waaaaaaay more pictures than me, probably b/c she brought a "weapon" (I will never carry a weapon, candycane or not). My costume was rather ****py all around, but I'll try to make it better over the year XD I need better shorts, possibly better boots, and I need to complete the other brown details (stripe on hat + teeth, bands on arms + feather), and a more accurate leg sheath (b/c no one produces leather leg knife sheathes...?).

Cards Against Humanity made a statement. In the PAX swegbeg, there were packets of Pwnmeal, which is marketed as "Oatmeal For Gamers" (since almost anything can be marketed as "for gamers"). Inside was oatmeal (clean Quaker, to be specific) and a few Cards Against Humanity. My brother picked up a lot of the oatmeal, because he likes oatmeal and CAH lol

HOTS also was there, I think, along with Infinite Crisis (stationed diagonally across from LoL). Obv, MtG, Ubisoft, Newegg, and a number of new games that "could be big", along with tons of indies. Lots of sweg to be grabbed, but I'm weak, so I didn't get that much. I was able to play a full game of Settlers of Catan, so I'm happy ^^ I also won because I had insane brick production and the brick port (two of the brick tiles were next to each other and BOTH had an 8 on them; the other tile was near the port and had a 4 on it).