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14 Apr
I had a 3day pass, and went with three other people. I did not get as much sleep as I'm used to, so I'mma catch up this week @A@

I attended Friday's Riot Panel regarding Riot's interactions with the community. I completely missed the Saturday panel (champion relaunch) and Sunday's was full when I arrived, so I never got to ask my question (I waited too long on Friday). I also went to the booth (giant crowd). There were community URF matches played live and a collegiate game (UConn vs Carnegie Mellon), both shoutcasted. Sky showed up to help shoutcast on sunday.

They handed out a...
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14 Feb

Views: 578 Dear Dryer,

I love you. You make my clothes warm and dry after I come in from shoveling ice for the kajillionth time and being attacked by power-line and tree-based icicles.

I just wish you would dry the regular wash loads in a single run instead of requiring that I come back and visit you every hour.
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02 Feb

Views: 2172 Hexakill

I think 3 deaths is pretty good...and one of those was me taking out a turret while being bombarded by two champions XD I was pretty good at kiting (no duh), but the enemy was stupid enough to chase me until I led them to an ally at full health.

Bottom lane was Ezreal/ Janna vs Jinx/ Zed, which means I was actually able to harass Zed a lot. Kinda dubious about Frozen Mallet AND Frostfire Gauntlet on Ezreal, but it did make him tankier. He had pretty good reaction speeds too, though he did once Flash into a...
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21 Jan

Views: 383 Good day for news

Snowstorm Janus
(woot, I got an early dismissal from work, meaning I get paid for 4 hours!)


Shooting @ PurdueU
(I have a friend at Purdue...he already texted me and told me he was ok and nowhere near the action, but a TA died)
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05 Jan

I started the game with Nomad's Medallion, Boots, and pots. I performed really well, landing a lot of my Q-Ws and getting Es where they needed to be. It was more or less two pokers to two pokers ( Twisted Fate + Morgana to Kog'Maw + Elise/ Zac), but if they engaged on us, we had a ton of AoE ultimates to quiet them down. We also had a much better clear speed, probably.

Game ended in 10:37. After the Kog'Maw realized that we would wait for him to get close enough for -insert any CC on our team here-, he...
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