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DKitten's Mobafire Blog

10 Jul

Views: 647 Patch 3.9 (Servers Up)

Servers going down now to patch.

Time to go shower =u= Aaaaaaand possibly go over what I'm learning in chem today if they're still patching when I get out. Yesterday was enthalpy and colligative properties.

I purchased PAX Sivir last night and input it this morning. Prices went up from $25 to $30-$40. Code worked, checked in a custom game. Now all that needs to happen is the VU.


So, changes on Patch 3.9? None of my champions received a hit from the nerf gun or boffer sword. Mostly just bug fixes for my champions. Though I'm...
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08 Jul

Views: 857 Cube World Alpha

I picked up Cube World this morning due to the DOS issues their servers have been facing. So far, I like it!

For those who want to check it out:

Some of my recommendations for characters:
Water mages (spirit mage → skills → water) are a great starting class, as you don't have to worry (as much) about your out-of-combat HP. Though it also applies in-combat, I think Guardians (Warrior) are better for in-combat HP. I've tried Rogue (Ninja), but it requires a lot of patience to do it correctly.

You should...
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05 Jul

Views: 542 Support Udyr

This one here's another bad idea.

Well, it KINDA works. You can stun the entire enemy team for 1 second, but it is staggered.

So the idea is that you can stun enemies in bear form, mitigate incoming pokes with tartl form, use tiger form to clear towers and other objectives, and phoenix form to push.

Yeahhhhhhh. Not exactly the safest lane-partner. I started Bear, then got Tiger (by accident), then Turtle, then Phoenix. Maxed Turtle, then Bear. I suppose if we got far enough, I'd max Phoenix if we were facing a lot of teamfights or Tiger if we were taking objectives. It was a...
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02 Jul

Views: 522 Jungle Nami

I was gonna run a game as support Udyr with my partner Quinn. But someone called duo bot before we did.

I didn't feel like playing Amumu, who is my standard jungler. The team comp was Lux mid, Orianna top, Janna and Swain bottom. So not exactly the most synchonous comp. But I figured Nami has the potential for good ganks via Tidal Wave.

Yeah. Not doing that again. She's got GREAT Lv3 ganks. The issue is around Lv9 or so, she starts to drop off, and that's where a lot of junglers gain speed. She's also got really slow jungle clear - this could...
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27 Jun

Views: 366 Nope nope nope

lulzy bot game for FWOD

Playing Janna. Have Vayne, Udyr, Ryze, and Dr. Mundo on my team.

Enemy team is Udyr, Sivir, Zilean, Brand, and someone I didn't see enough to care about.


Zilean tries to engage on me and Mundo pushing bottom lane in midgame. At this point in time, I have Boots of Swiftness, Enchantment: Captain, and a Lv4 Zephyr. So while he can get away from Dr. Mundo, he can't get away from me.

Who brings Dr. Mundo along for the ride.

Zilean goes down after launching his ulti (no surprise)....
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