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DKitten's Mobafire Blog

11 Oct

Views: 432 So Annie

I just ran a game with Annie, and I'm kinda surprised at how much better I've gotten with managing Summon: Tibbers. I don't know why I've gotten better, since it's been a while since I played her. Maybe just because I'm playing at my "peak hours"? I was also able to make judgements about Pyromania better, though I still screwed up a number of times.
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06 Oct

Views: 378 Blitzcrank guide edits


Will push this from unarchived to archived once it gets a final look-over and remove my v3 guide in the process.

Issues to be addressed:
1) Any coding issues?
2) Is the "Warding" section thorough enough? Anything I need to rewrite there?
3) Any continuity issues? i.e., I may mention something that would no longer have been read before a section due to changes in my section order.
4) Accuracy of starting stats. I can't afford the HP quints yet orz.
5) Leave...
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03 Oct
I'm thinking of making some further changes to my guide. The first being moving Frostfire Gauntlet to an optional item, with the late-midgame section just listing "a source of CDR" (aka Glacial Shroud/ Kindlegem/ Fiendish Codex). Just a few questions:

For those of your who play support, for what % of a PvP game would you say that you carry BOTH a Sightstone and Sight Wards? I've occasionally done it, but I can sometimes get my mid or top to pick up...
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27 Sep

I was watching a friend play different Wii games. He eventually pulled out Wii Sports Resort and went to archery.

I told him about the secret fruits :>

He's got two out of 15. He's been playing for at least half an hour. His skill level has dropped from 1800 to 970 so far.
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22 Sep

Views: 465 Mighty No. 9

Anyone invest in it? It looks awesome >w< I'm giving $60 to a friend so he can get the $175 pack (I get the plushy and other-region T-shirt) and I'm also putting in $20 myself to get a copy of the base game for online co-op.

For those who aren't in the loop, MN9 is pretty much the next Megaman game. It's not developed by Capcom, but it IS developed by the people who made the original Megaman. The graphics look awesome and there's a ton of cool bonuses. They've overreached their stretch goals, but it's only 6 days until...
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