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23 Nov

So yeah, Udyr was down the entire game, pretty much. I noticed he was running hamsters during loading lol.

Getting the ward coverage I'm used to is difficult, though the wards I had sufficed in this case. I wish we DID have a ward slot...the issue late game is that you'd have to dedicate an item slot that could be used for something else if you want someone else to have wards. In terms of vision, it probably didn't help that the enemy was missing three trinkets.

I decided to get Twin Shadows as my last item to give me a kiting boost;...
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18 Nov

Views: 557 Dealing with Lifesteal

Spellvamp has been nerfed to the ground. I'm pretty sure the only people who build it are Vladimir and the occasional Fiddlesticks.

Meanwhile, lifesteal is considered core for every carry in existence, and tends to be preferred by ranged carries, since they have an easier time kiting while healing up.

As far as I know, there are three ways of dealing with lifesteal. Executioner's Calling, Morellonomicon, and Ignite...the first of which requires that you get in range to attack the target and gives mediocre late-game stats, the second of which requires that your...
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14 Nov
I need to rewrite my Teemo guide...since you can only use three wards a time. But trinkets will be available for extra vision...

Current visionary build:
Eleisa's Miracle
Wriggle's Lantern
Ruby Sightstone
Athene's Unholy Grail
Twin Shadows
Mobility Boots + Enchantment: Alacrity
Oracle's Elixir

Should I just drop Wriggle's Lantern for like... Liandry's Anguish? So dem shrooms burn? Or maybe more MS? I could use it as a slot for pink wards, but since you can only place one pink at a time...I guess it's better than no pinks?
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