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18 Jun
So my friend and I were talking about the new ultimate skin. A lot of people generally conceed that the new Ultimate skin will be for Udyr, as the hint given was that he was related to spirits. I think it might be Mordekaiser.

So I told him it's totally gonna be Mordekaiser in a tutu with a fairy wand.

Any other weird skin concepts you've come up with that would most likely never be published? Besides any female champion naked.
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25 May

Views: 276 Fuuuuu weather

So the weather today is ****py...again.

Meaning I can't do PvP for fear of disconnect.

Sorry OTG ;u; Even if I'm using a laptop, the router still needs power for me to have interwebs.
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13 May

Views: 401 80 minute game XD

My team:
Blitzcrank - Support
Vayne - Carry
Katarina - Mid
Jayce - Top
Teemo - Top (It was a Lv20 game on my smurf)

Their team:
Tryndamere - Carry
Zac - "Support"
Annie - Mid
Shen - Top
Singed - Top

Bottom lane did fine. We got a few kills on them, they didn't get many on us. I tried to help Katarina out, who was getting eaten by Annie, but I was only able to get up there once. Vayne needs special care to babysit >u> Wards were up constantly on my side, and Teemo had our vision up on the top side of...
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08 May
I'm already prepared to go back to school XD

Seriously. Sitting around for an entire day being bored. My kittens are adorable as always. I'm thinking our tux cat wants me to go to bed so she can cuddle with me, but I've caught up on sleep.

Got my Freljord icon yesterday (I fight for Avarosa). It would have been more humorous if I had gotten it one game before, where I was playing Ashe.

Anyone following the Explorer Ezreal posts?

Since I finally have a TV...anyone know when I can usually find...
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