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DKitten's Mobafire Blog

25 Jul

Views: 3366 What is LP Clamping?

First thing to note: I'm unranked. I'm trying to master more difficult techniques before I throw my hand at ranked. I'd also like to stand on equal ground against some Silver-ranked friends or be able to occasionally beat my Gold-ranked friends. Part of this preparation is understanding how the ranked system works. This is what I've deduced so far about LP Clamping.


So from what I understand, LP clamping occurs //specifically// when a ranked player is ready to move up a tier (ie, bronze I to silver V, platinum I to diamond V). It may or may not occur...
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24 Jul

Views: 677 Three Laws of Supports

1) A robot support may not injure a human being their carry or, through inaction, allow a human being their carry to come to harm.

2) A robot support must obey the orders given to it by human beings its carry, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law (i.e., don't set up a kill that might be risky for your carry).

3) A robot support must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


Rule #1: You are a support. You are your carry's *****....
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20 Jul

Views: 428 The Party

So I had my birthday party today (my bday was 4 days ago, but I celebrated my twin's birthday that day). I got a Whimsicott Substitute plush from one friend who could only stay one hour due to a prior engagement and a solar dancing cat...cute thing from another close friend. My bathrobe also came in, which was my present from mom (along with the party :P)

My party is always a Choco Movie Night party. Mainly because chocolate encourages 70% of my friends to reschedule their engagements XD We watched Mulan and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Dinner was my mom's ziti and pizza. Desert was...
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16 Jul

Views: 978 Bday

How should I celebrate? I'm having a party on Saturday with some close friends, but I kinda want to do something today...

I'm working until 6PM so it'll have to be something at night. Currently living in a dorm single, so no buddies to hang out with during the week.

Already tried doing PvP to celebrate. We lost lol. We didn't do badly, but I still need more practice, since I wasted two out of my three Flashes.
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13 Jul

Views: 746 Lucian: Core Items

The build my friend came up with. Ignore that I used Ezreal as the base, since Lucian's numbers aren't finalized and Ezreal is the most mechanically similar ADC.

So I've been telling him the core items are probably going to be Bloodthirster and Trinity Force, similar to Ezreal's old build. So these would most likely be the Core.

He says Bloodthirster first for in-lane sustain. No BS there, it's common for carries.

Then he says he'd probably get Berserker's Greaves,...
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