So I had my birthday party today (my bday was 4 days ago, but I celebrated my twin's birthday that day). I got a Whimsicott Substitute plush from one friend who could only stay one hour due to a prior engagement and a solar dancing cat...cute thing from another close friend. My bathrobe also came in, which was my present from mom (along with the party :P)

My party is always a Choco Movie Night party. Mainly because chocolate encourages 70% of my friends to reschedule their engagements XD We watched Mulan and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Dinner was my mom's ziti and pizza. Desert was cookie cake + ice cream. Snacks were chocolate, chips, and chex mix, along with a repurposed fondue maker (we use it for melting chocolate) and various stuff to dip.

I'm so tired lol. Sugar crash and I'm normally in bed an hour ago. Good thing I showered this morning cuz I'm in no shape to shower now - I'd probably crash in the shower. I need to get FWOD on my smurf, but that can wait til the morning. Tomorrow is studying for my chem exam.

Good night everyone. Good Luck, Have Fun, Don't Feed.