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30 Oct
that and the servers were supposed to go down about half an hour ago.

I used Sona and played for 10 minutes without an enemy bot. I used my magic pages (21/0/9 + MS quints, armors seals, scaling MR glyphs, HPen marks). Had to play Sona cuz I didn't want to need to click for anything other than movement and CSing (as my roommate is still asleep).

Kinda surprised that I got 70 CS. It's not good, but it's not bad either. I didn't recall and started the game with a blue crystal and mana pots. I did notice that Sona's AA projectile moves pretty fast compared to the ranged...
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24 Oct
S@20 link

No changes to green wards. PINKS changed a lot; they are visible and will last until taken out by an enemy (aka, won't fade with time). They will also cost less gold than currently.

Each player can only have 3 green wards and 1 pink ward on the map at a given time, essentially forcing the ward whoring on EVERYONE, but lessened with trinkets.

New item/item slot: Trinket. They cost no gold and the three trinkets are (1) Sweeper, which reveals invisible wards/traps (NOT...
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23 Oct

Views: 634 Two PvP Matches today

First game is the lower one. Me and my partner fed like mad because we were not expecting Karma to do that much damage. Combined with the range from Caitlyn, it would have probably been better if I had picked Taric in this matchup, though I'm not sure. I was not able to get close enough to polymorph either, and I wasn't familiar with Olaf either; I tried polymorphing him and got a "cannot be disabled" message. I actually polymorphed Karma at one point...but it didn't work (I had vision of her via Help, Pix!,...
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17 Oct
Here's the thing:

We only play against bots. We've played a little ARAM and verrrrry few SR unrankeds. We're talking less than 10 wins here.

However, we've been playing since...well, a year now. We started October last year. We figured now would be a good time since rankings reset in two weeks and other people will be trying to get their ranking up. This'll also help us speed up our PvP experience (since we'll get tryhards instead of trolls hopefully).

Here's our rosters:
Support: Leona (Used in PvP)
ADC: Everyone except Kog'Maw, Sivir, and Twitch....
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12 Oct

Views: 423 Pokemon X

I got it last night at midnight (since I just left from anime club; we're watching Penguindrum).

My trainer name is Kasai. My team is currently Fennekin (literally going to evolve next battle), Litleo, Fletchling, Charmander, and Pansear. I have to get to my friend's router to get Torchic since the campus WiFi doesn't work for the 3DS very well. By the way, they're all girls; I spent two hours getting the female Pansear, and I had to re-catch the female Fletchling for a better nature (+atk -spd original, +atk -s.def new).

Pokemon you can catch very early game (not necessarily...
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